Wizard of Oz – May 2017


Congratulations to the Cast of OCCT’s Spring production of The Wizard of Oz!  Please accept or decline your role by 7:00pm on Monday, February 13th by e-mailing prodsecretary@occt.org or the role will be re-cast.  More roles to be determined during the rehearsal process. Please print the Parent Meeting Packet from our web-site and bring it with you to our Mandatory Parent Meeting on Wednesday, February 15 from 6:00-9:00pm.  We’re off to see the Wizard!

Dorothy Gale: LiMei Su Vera
Understudy: Lindsey Denbo
Auntie Em/Glinda: Bria Booth

Uncle Henry/Guard: Jack Borenstein

Toto: Sammy Dorfman

Zeke/Lion: Nick Seigel


Hickory/Tin Man: Seth Merrill

Hunk/Scarecrow: Garrett Sharland

Ms. Gulch/Witch: Izzie Stoddart

Professor Marvel/Oz: Abby Young


Munchkin Mayor: Liam Miley

Munchkin Coroner: Aubrie Ofner

Munchkin Barrister: Owen Gooch

Alexa Muchnick - Alexis Rocha - Alyssa LeBlanc - Anthony LeBlanc - Aylania LeBlanc - Andrea Villalobos - Audrey Camacho - Ava Donovan - Brianna Deutchman - Chloe Yeager - Collin Higgins - Ethan Ng - Kevin Mesavesa - Lilli Parrott - McKenna Hall - Mia Alvarez - Owen Gooch - Paige O'Neal - Regan Sheetz - Sarah Young - Sean Hawkins - Summer Glick - Vada LaPlaca - Zoe Noble - Hannah Rice

Lullaby League

Aylania LeBlanc
Alyssa LeBlanc
Natalie Dien

Lead Trees

Caitlin Sheetz
Haley McKinney
Valerie Reed

Dancing Trees

Audrey Camacho
Lily Horns

Lead Crows

Grace Huynh
Julia Recana
Katie Rangel
LiMei Su Vera
Lindsey Denbo
Riley Summers

Dancing Crows

Abby Young
Aly West
Ava Howe
Genevieve DeBeauvieres
Imani Bautista
Sarah Hart


Abby Young - Alyssa LeBlanc -  Aly West - Audrey Camacho - Ava Howe - Caitlin Sheetz  Genevieve deBeauvieres - Haley McKinney - Imani Bautista - LiMei Su Vera - Lindsey Denbo  McKenna Hall - Natalie Dien - Sarah Young - Sarah Hart


Winkie General: Riley Summers

Alexis Rocha - Anthony LeBlanc - Ava Donovan - Brianna Deutchman - Caden Higgins -  Chloe Yeager - Dylen Damico - Eli Kirk - Hannah Rice - Katie Rangel - Lily Horns - Paige O'Neal - Regan Sheetz - Samantha Borenstein - Summer Glick - Valerie Reed


Nikko: Kevin Mesavesa

Alexa Munchnick - Andrea Villalobos - Aubrie Ofner - Aylania LeBlanc - Collin Higgins -Ethan Ng - Grace Huynh - Julia Recana  - Liam Miley - Lilli Parrott - Mia Alvarez - Owen Gooch - Sean Hawkins - Vada LaPlaca - Zoe Noble


Alexa Muchnick - Alexis Rocha - Alyssa LeBlanc - Aly West - Andrea Villalobos - Anthony LeBlanc - Audrey Camacho - Aubrie Ofner - Ava Donovan - Aylania LeBlanc - Brianna Deutchman - Caden Higgins - Caitlin Sheetz - Chole Yeager - Collin Higgins - Dylen Damico - Eli Kirk - Ethan Ng - Ava Howe-  Genevieve deBeauvieres - Grace Huynh - Haley McKinney - Hannah Rice - Imani Bautista - Julia Recana - Katie Rangel - Kevin Mesavesa - Liam Miley - Lilli Parrott - Lily Horns - Lindsey Denbo - Mckenna Hall - Mia Alvarez - Natalie Dien - Owen Gooch - Paige O'Neal - Regan Sheetz - Riley Summers - Samantha Borenstein - Sarah Hart - Sarah Young - Sean Hawkins - Summer Glick - Valerie Reed - Vada LaPlaca - Zoe Noble


Nikki Aldrich, Delaney Andersen, Emma Rose Barclay, Bella DeLibro, Colton Dorfman, Olivia Hart, Lola Hasheminejad, Jocelyn Hoang, Angie LeBlanc, Adrianna McGrath, Zariah Merrill, Haven Miller, Jonah Nguyen, Ryan Nguyen, Caleb Poyourow, Madelyn Poyourow, Ava Recana, Delaney Sanchez, Jayden Thi

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