Current Show

OCCT is proud to present…

Big Fish - A New Broadway Musical

Director and Choreographer: Jenny Moon Shaw
Vocal Director: Michelle Hernandez
Assistant Director and Choreographer: Bria Booth

Tech Week Schedule:
August 5 - 8, 2019 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Show Schedule:
Fridays, August 9th and 16th at 7 pm
Saturdays, August 10th and August 17th at 2 pm and 7 pm
Sundays, August 11th and August 18th at 2 pm

Location (for Tech Week and Shows)
Huntington Beach High School Historic Theater
1905 Main St. Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

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Dream Bigger

Main Character Roles

Edward Bloom

A charming, charismatic storyteller. He is a loving husband and father who leads a complex imaginary life with many fantasy friends. It is a tour de force role which demands strong acting, great vocal chops, a huge heart, a great sense of humor, and a vivid imagination. Plays ages ranging from teenager to older sick man. As a young man he is an enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic romantic. He needs to steal our hearts and make us buy into the fabulous myths that he enters. He is the quintessential hometown boy hero. Good mover.

Bari-tenor, G2-G4

  • Be The Hero
  • Out There On The Road
  • Time Stops
  • Closer To Her
  • Daffodils
  • Red White and True
  • Fight The Dragons
  • Showdown
  • Start Over
  • How It Ends
  • (bits in other numbers)

Will Bloom

Edward’s son - is a realist and a pragmatist; and the polar opposite of Edward. His journey of reconciliation with his father is the story of the musical. He is also an earnest, serious, thoughtful young man wanting to reconnect with his storytelling father, but unable to appreciate Edward’s romantic view of life. He is a successful professional and new husband. He has to be able to take us on the journey of understanding and make us believe the complex relationship and final heartfelt embrace of his father’s legacy. Needs a strong tenor voice. No dance. Serious character acting.

Tenor, C#3-G4

  • Strangers
  • Strangers Reprise
  • Showdown
  • What’s Next
  • Be The Hero Reprise

Young Will

The young version of Will is intrigued by his father's stories, but already starts to doubt their truth. With his father always on the road, he feels he is the man of the house.

Tenor, B3-C5

  • Fight The Dragon

  • Sandra

    This is the leading female role that requires an actor who can play ages from 18 to 60+ and who is both a strong actress and singer – and very good mover. Young Sandra is a lovely, sweet, innocent young girl excited by the possibilities of life. She appreciates Edward’s romantic viewpoint. As she grows older she remains patient and calm – the perfect balance to Edwards enthusiasm. She adores and appreciates Edward and tries to bring reconciliation to her husband and son, both of whom she loves.

    Soprano with mix/belt, G3-E5

    • Two Men In My Life
    • Little Lamb from Alabama
    • Time Stops
    • Daffodils
    • Red, White, and True
    • I Don’t Need A Roof

    Josephine Bloom

    Will’s wife is a woman who provides balance for Will’s pragmatism. With Sandra, she supports and helps guide Will’s journey toward reconciliation with his father. Josephine acts as the bridge between Edward and Will, explaining the deeper meaning of the stories. This role requires a strong actor-singer.

    Mezzo, short featured singing, Mix/belt to C#5.

    • Just Take Another Look

    Supporting Roles


    A Giant – shy, exceptionally intelligent, hermit- like, and has a quiet charisma. Needs a booming voice and large personality. Through Edward’s friendship, grows from being a ‘beastly’ outcast to a highly successful businessperson. This supporting role requires an actor who acts, sings, has an appreciation for comic irony, stilt walks or is willing to learn.

    Bass A3-D4, if cast as Karla we will play with vocal arrangements

    • Out There On The Road
    • Start Over

    Jenny Hill

    This is a female role that requires an actor who can play ages from 18 to 60+. Edward’s devoted first girlfriend, a cheerleader and a dreamer who later becomes tired and disillusioned. She has dignity and honesty. She is crucial in helping Will understand Edward and Edward’s motivations.

    Mezzo/Soprano, Mix/belt to E5.

  • Ashton’s Favorite Son (solo)
  • Out There On The Road (solo and end chorus)

  • Amos Callaway

    Circus owner.  Amos is the rather eccentric, quirky owner of the circus that employs young Edward. Amos begins as Edward’s tormentor – but then, through Edward’s acceptance, he accepts himself and becomes highly successful (also happens to be a werewolf). Needs an extremely commanding presence, outgoing personality and sense of humor. Character voice. (Could be a female role).

    Baritone, C3 to F5, touches a G5

    • Closer to Her
    • Start Over

    The Witch

    Commanding performer with great confidence and storytelling ability. She convinces Edward to pursue a Big Life without fear. Needs a belt voice, mezzo soprano. Some dance, could be extensive.

    Mezzo/Soprano with very high belt, useable F3 to F5

    • I Know What You Want
    • I Know What You Want (Reprise)

    Don Price

    Edward Bloom’s life-long nemesis/frenemy. Don is Sandra’s first fiancé and a snarky hot-headed bully who eventually becomes Mayor of Ashton. Actor will need to play ages from high school to 50’s.

    Baritone, C3 to F#4

    • Start Over

    Zacky Price

    Don’s younger brother. Zacky is somewhat easily-spooked, a shadow of the older brother he idolizes. Needs to play high school, college, and later.

    Tenor, A3-Ab4

    • Start Over (solo)

    Red, White and True Solo Singer/Singers

    Vocals: Ideally able to hold tight 3 part harmony

    Dr. Bennett

    Warm, kind and frank friend and physician of Edward.

    Alabama Lambs

    Perform with Sandra at the circus. MUST have strong singing and dancing skills. Vocals: Ideally able to hold tight 3 part harmony

    Red Fang

    Assassin/World War II villain. Needs fight scene movement abilities.

    Ashton Mayor

    Typical small town good-guy mayor personality.

    Mermaid, Etc.

    There are many other small roles acting/singing and dancing roles and even more could potentially be created e.g. fisherman/Over-excited scout/General Patterson/Judge/Sharecropper/Cheerleader/Farm girl.

    Ensemble Roles/Small Groups

    Ensemble will be used very HEAVILY in this show and will be an integral part of the storytelling process - Circus performers, Sorority sisters, college students, Scouts, USO Red, White and True performers, Cheerleaders, Witches, Wedding guests, townsfolk, Western characters/cowboys and cowgirls/fishermen/salesmen.